born: 09.03.2011
height: 47cm

Genetic diseases:
hips- HDA
CEA- clean by parentage

Everyone likes Rysa. She's got that "something" which makes her likeable.

At home she's an oasis of serenity. She rests a lot lying (always with crossed paws) and observes the household. She loves to be cuddled. She’s very sensitive and takes every quarrel to herself. During the training she doesn’t tolerate negative reinforcement.

At work she’s balanced, active, fast and cheerful. She’s always willing to play. She learns quickly and happily follows the commands. She’s actively involved in agility and frisbee. She’s also passed PT exams.

Her greatest athletic achievements include: She travels a lot with us. In the car she eagerly watches the changing scenery. She’s climbed Rysy and taken the Drava river tour. She goes skiing with us and likes to swim. She’s a problem-free bitch.

She has one beloved owner whom she’ll do anything for.

Every dog show she took part in, she got excellent notes. She’s a dam registered in the Polish Kennel Club (Nowy Targ Division).

Rysa gave four puppies in litter B. Two of them achieve sports successes. Basta and Ola are Poland Vice Champion Obedience 2015 (class 1), Buddy and Beata have very good results in treibbal.

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agility competitions... here...
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born: 19.12.2012
height: 48cm

Genetic diseases:
hips- HDA
CEA, TNS, CL clean by parentage

Oda was born to work. She is very keen to work with human, has great passion. She is very excitative so not easy to lead. When she meet people always wants to play with them. She is very focused on her job, she is able to work in very stresful surroundings. She loves people, is very happy to see well-known or unknown person.

As a puppy she was hiperactive- very difficult to upbringing. She is Raider's (Rising Sun Dark Raider) daughter. He was born in US, competed in agility, has a lot sport talented puppies.

She is very well build, fast, agil and lively. She might have had great sport results but has a problem- The Handler.

At home she is calm (but only when nothing happen) however everyday walks are crucial. Without it she will chase her own tail, torment Rysa or the family members with games. She can hardly settle down. For her work is more important than caresses, she prefers playing rather than being stroked.

During the training she’s incredibly smart, fast, creative, fierce and can jump well. The handler’s mistakes don’t discourage her at all. She has a great athletic potential. At the age of 8 months she has successfully participated in agility shows. Work is the most important thing for her, she loves it and lives for it. She’ll do anything for a ball, frisbee or a task to do.

She travels a lot with us: she’s taken the Drava river tour, been at the Baltic Sea, reach the Tatra tops and visited Kashubia. In the car she’s quiet like nowhere else, always sleeps there because she treats it like a cradle. During the trips, she makes many friends. She loves everyone and undaunted by many refusals, she stubbornly encourages people to throw her a stick. When someone gives in the fun never ends.

She is mentally strong and confident. She’s independent so she will leave us when someone has anything to offer her. It doesn’t have to be much... the stick mentioned above will do.

She has smooth coat and an unusual white patch on the neck behind the ears (called a dot). She has the FCI pedigree.She’s a dam registered in the Polish Kennel Club (Nowy Targ Division).

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agility competitions... here...
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